Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Holidays Are in the Air!

People always seem to be at their best around the holidays. Today, customers at the cafe where I work on Gainsborough Street were a little nicer, a little more talkative, and a little quicker with a smile. In between making bagels, Spanish lattes and iced raspberry mochas, my coworker Lea mentioned that she lost her paycheck yesterday somewhere in the pouring rain on her way from school to the T. Upon realizing she didn't have it, she retraced her steps, she said, but couldn't find it anywhere. She told our boss, who said the company could cut her another check, and in the meantime, could front her cash from the register if she needed it (which, I think, is pretty amazing in itself.)

But then something more amazing happened. While on her break today, Lea checked her Facebook page and found a message on her wall from a stranger. It was from a manager at a Boloco burrito place; he had found her soggy paycheck on the street, searched her name on Facebook, and found her. So after getting out of work today and before leaving for New Jersey tonight to spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend's family, Lea was reunited with her paycheck.
"It really makes me believe in the goodness of people," she said.
Here's hoping everyone spreads a little goodness around this holiday.

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